18329 Pilgrim Old World Flat Panel Fireplace Screen



35 lbs

Finish:  Vintage Iron

Dimensions:  42" wide x 31" tall 

For generations, Pilgrim’s Old World hand forged fireplace screens have been the first choice to be at the center of the American fireplace. This handsome screen is perfect for those who understand the virtues of quality craftsmanship and lasting materials. Unlike many other screens available, we use screen mesh of a heavier wire construction. 8 strands of wire per inch provide maximum safety against hot sparks and embers. Solid iron frame features authentic hammered finish, riveted corner bracket and adjustable rear legs that can be secured to your hearth. 35 pounds of solid lifetime steel. You won’t be disappointed when choosing this Old World fireplace screen for your home.

Available :  

Matching Wood Holder # 18540

Matching tool Set # 18179

Pilgrim Original Design
Lifetime Warranty

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